Amazon Email Setup

Improve your email delivery with Amazon

This series of videos shows you how to setup an Amazon account to use with our service.

It is not complicated. Just follow the short videos below. 

It starts with these 4 steps:

1. Signup at Amazon  - (Step 1 Video)
2. Move out of "SandBox" - (Step 2 Video)
3. Verify Email Address - (Step 3 Video)
4. Get API KEY CODE (Step 4 Video)

Video 5 & 6 - How to use Amazon inside our site.

Start with step 1 below:

Step 1: Amazon Signup

Click For Video

Signup Explained Here With Screenshots: Click To See It

Amazon Signup Page:   

After signup at Amazon, follow the short videos starting with the "Step 2 Video"
Here is a follow along how-to-guide for videos 1-4: Click To See It

Step 6: Amazon Setup

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*Video 6 shows you how to use Amazon with your email sending with both drip and email blast.

Screenshot below is explained in video 5 & 6:


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