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Lifetime Value Of Your Client?

Enter a few numbers below & calculate the lifetime value of your clients.

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Your Client Lifetime Value Is...



How about that client value!

The "business building" aspect of each new client goes beyond the first check.

Think of this CLIENT VALUE when starting each day.

Think of it when your making your cold calls...or sending your email follow up...

Think of it when you're setting up and running ANY MARKETING.

Each new client is worth $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 and more.


More than the commission check!

Think about it....each new client offers much more than that initial commission check, right?  As you close more business, it builds your credibility as future clients see your activity, reviews, success, & skill.

Each closed transaction is a building block. They add strength to the foundation of your business.

Each new client adds value.  It means more credibility.  More referrals.  And...more earnings.

Did you calculate your lifetime value? 

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Marketing Goals...

Be Smart! Take A Long Term Approach

5 Keys To Your Success...

1. Take a long term approach with your online marketing - Build your database, follow up, provide value, and you will realize great benefits.

2. Take the steps to ensure you have a consistent flow of leads - Do NOT rely on a small sample of leads. Real estate leads come in at different stages of the process.  Often, the leads are 2-4-6 months out BEFORE they even want to respond or talk with you.  THAT'S OK! - Keep the leads coming in & work the numbers.

3. Additional Benefits - Its not just about the leads. Online marketing should provide significant BRAND BUILDING benefits.

4. ROI - Your lead costs may be as low as $1-5/each.  Compare this low cost with your client value.  The ROI from just 1 client is EXCEPTIONAL.

5. Lead follow up is critical - Use email. text, phone, & social media. It typically takes several touches to reach your lead.  Keep your CLIENT VALUE in mind, stay motivated, & follow up with your leads!

IMPORTANT: Manage your expectations with online leads.

Are you setting up a Facebook ad?

Or any online ad?

Do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and don't expect to see a "Get Rich Quick" marketing method.  It should be looked at as a long term business building" solution.  Not a quick fix!

We see it on occassion.  Agent sets up an ad.  Has 40, 50, even 100 leads and starts complaining about no clients. 

Don't be that guy.  Online marketing, especially on Facebook, provides an effective & PROVEN way for you to build your business but you have to put in the time and effort to make it work.

Leads will come into your business but these prospects simply may not be ready for the next step.  This is fine.

What should you do to succeed? 

1. Use automated follow up as much as possible
2. Keep building your database with new leads

Keep the leads flowing into your business.  Build your brand in the process.  And follow up with your leads.  These are the proven steps to follow.




Don't Quit.  Don't Bail Early!

Screenshot below? It's real. 

We got this in an email with comments of "It's not working" and "This isn't for me"
The agent spent a total of $4.71 on an ad to conclude the marketing was "not working".

Best Real Estate Landing Pages

While this case above is certainly extreme.  You don't want to be the guy who bails out early.  It's a long term solution.  Don't quit after 1 month, 2 months, 4 months.  Stick with it.  Build your database.  Follow up!

Do this and you will build a stronger real estate business.

Understanding the "Lifetime Value Of Your Client" will help you stick with your marketing.

Using Facebook To Build Your Business

As 2020 approaches, Facebook is still one of the most best ways to build a strong business.
Not only with cost effective lead generation but also brand building.

And...utilizing the "Custom Audience" for automated follow up & nurturing

Inside postAprop we have tools to make it easier for you. tips and examples

Additionally...we provide complete campaign setup and management if needed (just contact us)


Recent Campaign Results

The example below shows 2 key benefits:
1. Low cost lead generation
2. Building a custom audience 

Best Real Estate Landing Pages

Additional benefit of running these ad campaigns?  Brand building!

Run your ads consistently.  And guess what happens outside of the lead generation?  More people learn about your business.  More people become familiar with your business.

The Help You Need Is Right Here

Narrow Your Audience, Generate Leads, & Convert Into Clients

How do we do it?

Right now, we're seeing GREAT results with Facebook video ads, building a custom audience inside Facebook, & using a series of "retargeting ads".

Sound complicated?

We can handle it all for you.

Contact us about the "Pro Plan", "Retargeting Plan", & complete ad management from postAprop.

These options provide different levels of assistance & cost. All of them will help you build a stronger real estate business.


Want to discuss different marketing options such as:

1. Our "Pro Plan"
2. Our "Retargeting Plan"
3. Our "Ad Management"

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