Facebook Marketing Tips - 2019

Here is a great campaign to run on and off of Facebook

"Buy A Home For Your Current Rent"

You can post in Facebook groups, marketplace, on CraigsList, write a blog post about it,
use local marketing (yes it still works) such as a local newspaper ad in real estate section.

And...of course...run a Facebook Ad

This short video series shows you the easy page setup.

Video 1: Landing Page Setup & Quiz

Here is the live page example: CLICK FOR PAGE

If you want to run a Facebook ad with this page you need an ad image.
We like to use a few home images.  Creating this type of image is very easy.

Video 2: The Ad Image

Here is an example of an image created on Canva:

Facebook Ad Examples:

In the next 2 videos...How To Create Your Facebook Ad & Targeting The Right Locals

Video 3: Ad Setup - Targeting

Targeting in USA has changed for real estate ads - No more exclusions as you see in this next video. 
In USA? Skip to Video 3B for targeting.

Ad Targeting Options:

Targeting in USA - You MUST choose the "Special Ad Category"

Video 3B - Targeting In USA

Video 4 - The Ad Setup

IMPORTANT - Lead Follow Up

This campaign will produce phone numbers. 
You should call or text your leads within 10 minutes when possible.

Say something like...
"I see you're interested in possibly becoming a homeonwer and building equity in your own home.
I'm excited to help find a home that can work with your montly payment.On my website, I see your rent was entered at ________. 
What I'm going to do is send over some homes that would work for you with that monthly payment. 
Before I do that....Let me ask you....
"Are You A First Time Buyer?"....

The reason I ask is there are a number of different programs that may be able to help. (Can highlight a first time buyer program)
and then ask...
"Have you applied for a mortgage before?"......"

This is a great opening to build a rapport by asking a few questions, letting them know you will follow up with a specific list of homes,
and provide value with the each new lead from this campaign. If they see you're offering help & value
they will turn quickly from cold lead to quality prospect.

Final Touches: Add Some Local Flavor