Facebook Marketing In 2020 - The Setup You Want To Use?

1. Start with a VIDEO AD to generate leads, build your brand in local area, and create custom audience (video views).
2. Use a series of retargeting ads to the "custom audience" - For even more brand building & higher lead quality!
This marketing setup is MUCH better than running a single ad.

Watch video below


In Sept 2019, Facebook changed targeting with real estate ads.
This example in the video above, shows you how the BEST setup to use right now. 
This works BEST after the targeting change from Facebook.

2 Step Summary:
1- USE VIDEO with your initial Facebook Ads
2- USE RETARGETING to nurture your prospects inside Facebook!

As you see in this diagram...

Your Initial Ad Should:
1. Generate leads
2. Build your brand
3. Create your "Custom Audience"

This ad fills your funnel with prospects...

The benefit of the retargeting ads?

The ads are inexpensive...
They build your brand...
They nurture prospects inside Facebook...
They generate high quality leads...

Want to learn more? Or have it created for you?

Contact postAprop and ask about our "Retargeting Plan".
Contact us here: postAprophelp@gmail.com

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