There are a few ways to use a Quiz Page on Facebook. 
There is no right or wrong option.  All of them work!

1. Send traffic directly to the quiz page - In this case, we place the quiz on the HOME page. 
To capture the lead information, you have 2 options.  You can use fields such as:

Example with this setup here:

2. Another option...
Add the quiz to the home page but...add the Facebook lead button at the end of the quiz.

We have the option of including a "Facebook Lead Capture Button" at the end of the quiz.
With this example you only get full name & email but the viewer does not have to complete any form.

Example with this setup here: 


How To Video: Adding Facebook Lead Button At The End Of The Quiz:

3. Send traffic first to a "Facebook Integrated landing page" and setup the quiz on the Thank You page.

In this case, the lead is sent directly to the page to capture lead info.

This page has the "Continue With Facebook" button.
Viewer click the button and it drops the full name and email of the lead into your database
and sends the lead your autoresponder email message.

After lead capture, the lead is sent to the THANK YOU page for the quiz: https://quiz95.prophosting/thankyou.html

The quiz on this page will gather more information on your lead.  The nice thing about this setup is you captured lead
info first.  If the lead fails to complete the quiz, at least you have the lead info already in your database.

What is the best option?
The answer...."all of them".

Here is the old marketing fact with landing pages:
"Ask for less and you'll convert more"

This means...fewer fields converts more visitors into leads.  Why?  By simpyfying the process
you capture more leads, plus, people are more hestitant to give up their phone number.

Option 2 allows you to setup a quiz without any fields. 
This will convert at a very high rate.  However, the phone field isn't there.

There is a trade off when not asking for phone information that results in a higher conversion rate. 
Enough to give up the phone information?  That's up to you. 

In some cases, when simply building a database, option 2 may be
the best setup for you.

If you want phone numbers than option 1 or 3 would work better for you.

They all work.  So use them.
Some marketing research shows quiz pages convert 30-40% more leads than traditional landing pages.

All 3 of these will work for you.

Use them with Facebook Ads like this:

Use them with Facebook posts on your business page, community pages, and Facebook groups with posts like:

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