Retargeting Ads?
Use them...

Start with this video.  Its about 8 minutes and ti will show you the value of Retargeting Ads.

Quick example.  You setup a video ad on Facebook. 

Lets say you have 1000 people watch the video. And you get 100 leads.  You love the 100 leads, right? 
But what about all of the people watching the video that didn't convert into leads? 

Who are these people watching a Real Estate Video Ad?  

They're locals in your area interested in real estate!   
We call them "Active Real Estate Shoppers"

Facebook allows you to setup a "follow up ad" (AKA "Retargeting Ad")
to be seen ONLY by the 1000 people who watched your video.

Its powerful stuff.  Do NOT make the mistake of not utilizing these video views.
It helps to nurture your prospects inside Facebook.  Its all automated.
It builds your brand generate leads. 

Plus...Its inexpensive! (See link below for example)

Here is an example of a video ad and the views you may see:

Don't just run the Video Ad.  Use Retargeting!

We have a "Retargeting Plan" that includes 8 "Retargeting Ad Campaigns" Created For You!


The cost: With PayPal Credit it works out to only $167/month for 6 months! 
And you get a complete lead nurturing Retargeting Ad Series created for you!