How To Create A Wordpress Blog

Very easy to work with Wordpress. 
The first thing you need is a domain or sudbomain

To use a subdomain such as you have to create the subdomain
inside the CPANEL.  But...its a little different than creating subdomain for one of our pages.


Instructions to use a subdomain for Wordpress


Go to CPANEL, click Subdomains, then enter a subdomain but
make sure Document Root is NOT "public_html"

When you create a subdomain for one of our pages you enter this in the Document Root Field: public_html
When you create a subdomain for Wordpress you do NOT enter this in document root. 
You can enter anything you want but do not enter "public_html"


Also very easy to do.

Inside CPANEL scroll down to and click icon for Softaculous.

After you click the Softaculous Icon you'll see a screen to install Wordpress:


Complete your install on that page

To add the Wordpress to a Domain and NOT a subdomain

Just use the ADDON DOMAIN button in the CPANEL.
Add your domain and make sure you do NOT enter this in Document Root: public_html
Basically the same process as described above.