My Page Isn't Live?

1. Are you adding a new domain?  
Was it registered with another company?

If must do 3 things:

1. Update the nameservers for your domain
2. Add your domain in the CPANEL Click ADDON DOMAIN to do it.
3. Click MANAGE WEBSITES in website area and add domain.



Check your nameservers.  They must be:
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

If you are not sure how to do it, just contact the place where you registered the domain.  They will help.

Did you do all of these?  Still not working?

When you go to your page in a browser is the page white with the word INDEX at the top left?

This is a common mistake.  It happens when not adding the domain correctly in the CPANEL.
The solution is to go back into the ADDON DOMAINS area of the CPANEL and edit the "Document Root" field so it looks like this:

It must say "public_html" - Once you fix this the page will be live.

How to add a new subdomain?

Easy.  Watch video 12:

The most important thing when adding a new domain or subdomain?

Make sure you enter the correct term in the field for "DOCUMENT ROOT".


IMPORTANT: Document Root Must Be:
"public_html" only!

Still need help?