Co-Marketing - With A Loan Professional

Benefits To You:
1. Provides an attractive "value offer" to build your lead database
2. Split marketing costs
3. It works!

Below we have a 5 minute how to video, link to the live page to use, and a 1 page guide.

Here is the link to the live page: CLICK

Here is the link to the 1 page guide: CLICK

Co-Marketing Summary

1. Create page example to show your loan professional
2. Contact loan professional.  Show page example so they can see how it works.
3. Ask loan professional to provide a loan program to use/.
4. Use loan as part of package as part of your "BUYER PROGRAM" for the area.

Take the steps to build your lead database and your real estate business will THRIVE.

How to build your database?
Drive traffic to lead capture pages.  

This Co-Marketing Gameplan Will Help.