Quick How To On Using Content On Facebook

Inspired By This Ad:

The agent setup this Facebook ad offering content for first time buyers.
The content is a "lead magnet" used to encourage viewers to click the ad. 
The ad sent traffic to an article on Realtor.com (A Marketing Blunder)

In the video below, we explain a much better way to use a Facebook ad with content.
In our setup, you will generate leads.

The content could be:
1. This article on Realtor.com or any other site.
2. Content on your site/blog
3. Our Thank You page - Create content
4. One of our reports

Short How To Video:

Page Example:

In the page created in video above, we used the Realtor.com article. 
See it in action on the live page: https://article.prophosting.com

The page captures the lead information and then delivers the content offered in the ad.

This setup is the way to use content on Facebook.