You can export your leads in CSV format. 
Just click DATABASE icon and you'll see the link.

You can export leads directly with the email feed. (see below)

We are integrated with LionDesk CRM.  

LionDesk CRM integration

Step 1: Go to the "editor page" of your domain/subdomain & click Database icon
Step 2: Click link"
Step 3: Find “Personal” in 3rd Party API Keys list.
Step 4: On this page, login to LionDesk & click. (thats it)

Screenshot of editor page with Database icon

Click "Auto Export To CRM" link

You will see this popup screen below.

After clicking this link, you'll see a login. 
Enter your LionDesk login and click.  This will connect you.

This connects the leads from this database only.

To connect more, just click the DATABASE icon for any page
and click the button "Click Here To Connect With LionDesk"

If you can't find the LionDesk login during integration then watch this:


The solution is:
1. Try another browser on your compute
2. Remove cookies for LionDesk (see video above)

EMAIL FEED: Using Email To Export Leads

Many CRMs assign an email account to you for importing your leads,
If your CRM provides this, you can enter the email in the CC field to import leads.

You can find this CC field by clicking the Autoresponder icon:

Zapier Setup

This video shows you how to get lead info to Zapier.