Buyer Leads - Examples Of Follow Up Messages

Why would the lead contact you or reply to your email/text?
Give them a reason to reach out.
Create urgency & provide value.

5 Quick Tips:

1- Do not send long messages

2- Drop in this code in some of the messages:
This adds the leads name in the message.

3- Messages to send:
Keep messages short, make only 1-2 points, and then a Call-To-Action (Call, email, text or click)

4- Questions
Ask a question to engage and get a response from your leads

5- Video
Use video to tell your leads about you and how you can help them.
Short videos. 30 seconds to 3 minutes.  Thats it. Best range? 45-60 second videos.

Create a short video (or better yet 3-4 videos) and use them to nurture you leads. 
It works (and its easy to do)

How to use video? 
CLICK HERE to see examples and instructions

How to setup drip?
CLICK HERE for instructions

Need Examples?


Follow Up Emails To Use - For "Homes List" campaigns


Common setup for us is Facebook lead capture on page 1 and quiz on page 2 to qualify the lead and capture phone number.

With the first email to your lead we want to remind them to complete the 2nd page.  So our first email will direct the lead to the quiz page.


Drip Messages To Send Lead To Quiz Page

Subject: Your Homes List & Benefits

Yesterday, you responded to my home buyer post on Facebook.  The next
step is here:

This page has your home buyer benefits for Ventura county.   Don't
stop short of the goal line.  Take the next step.

Any questions?  Call/text me and I can help.


Subject: From (realtor name)

Quick follow up on my Facebook post with the list of homes in ______.

Did you take the next step here:

Go to this page and get your home buyer benefits for ___________

Just takes a moment of your time.

Thank you



Subject: From Facebook Today

Hi #NAME#,
You responded to my Facebook post about the list of homes in  ___________.
I can send you properties that match your exact criteria. Just let me know what you need. 

How many Beds? Baths?



Send it over and I'll send the list of homes for you.


SUBJECT: Your List Of Homes

Hey #NAME#,
We received your request for the hotlist of homes for sale that you cannot find online. 
We're going to put that list together for you, however, we need some additional information to make sure to send you the right homes. 

Can you call us to discuss the home details that are right for you?
Thank you,
Your Name

SUBJECT: Your Next Home


I just received your online inquiry.

If you are looking for a property, can you tell me what area and price range you want me to focus on? I will send you a list of available properties.

I will also be texting you as a follow up to your request.

I look forward to working with you!

Thank you,
Your Name

Subject: Financing For Your Home

If you're considering purchasing a property, have you lined up financing for your property yet?

I can recommend a few special home buyer programs and specific lenders that can help you.  Shoot me a call or text at: 555-666-7777

Look forward to helping


Subject: Don't Let Credit Stop You

I wanted to check back and see if you are still looking for a home?

With some buyers there is some hesitation because of credit concerns. Not sure your credit is good enough?  Don't let that stop you.  

Our Credit Assistance team is here and ready to help you – we can quickly review your credit and offer a few options to help you get into that dream home as soon as possible.

Call/text us at: 777-888-7777

We look forward to helping


SUBJECT: Shoot me a text

I am putting together a list of homes for you #NAME#. 
What is important to you with your home? For example, # bedrooms?

Let me know with a quick call/text at 555.555.5555
Send it over & I'll get the homes to you immediately.


Subject: Did you get it?

Did you ever check out the properties report I sent you?
Feel free to give me a call or text, OK?  I'm here to help.


Subject: Those Homes A Match?

Hope you're having a great day #NAME#
Just checking to see if you saw anything of interest in that homes list.  Is there is anything I can do for you to assist in your search?

Shoot me a call or text if you have any questions.


Subject: Property List Update

Hi there...are your receiving all of the property updates I am sending?
I just want to make sure you are getting everything I promised you. Call or text me with any questions. My cell is: 555-444-5555



Subject: Still in the market?

Hi Cris, It's been a while since we spoke, just wondering if there is any thing you may still need from me. I would love to help!



Subject: New Homes Available

A lot of great properties hit the market this week.  Give me a call/text and I would love to update you.


Subject: Your Home Search

Its been a while #name#.  How is the home search coming along? 
I'm here to help in any way I can.  From financing help to finding the perfect home.  Just let me know.


Subject: Homes List Under 700K

You requested a list of homes for sale under $700K and I’m preparing that for you now.
Do you have a bedroom requirement?  How many do you need? 

Let me know & talk to you soon,


Opening lines....

Lets put a plan together that really works.  That really gets you closer to getting into your first home.

Lets setup a time to talk.  Shoot me a text at: 444-444-5555

Hey ________,

I just saw you requested details from my Facebook post on the price reduced homes in _________.   Great. I will send it over to you soon.

Are you planning to buy a home this year or are you just doing research?

I have a few financing resources that may help you.  If you want to explo


Distressed Sale List - Foreclosure List

Hi #NAME#,
Today, you asked for information about luxury bank foreclosures and distress sales, 
There is a bunch of helpful information we can send your way.  Any specific area you are looking in?  Is there a price range you are looking to stay around?
Below we have a broad list of what is out there right now; however, I can certainly send you a list that is more in line with exactly what you are looking for.  I look forward to hearing back from you.



Subject: New Homes Updated Today

We've added new properties to our list today that includes a few motivated sellers, and (choose one - bank owned, short sales,foreclosures, pre-list properties) that other agents aren't aware of. We’re reserving this list for our clients that are interested in viewing homes this week.

When would be a good time to talk so we can show these properties to you?  Call/text: 555-555-5555 Talk soon!  

Subject: Don't Miss This...

Hello #NAME#,

In our market, homes are selling fast.  The best process to ensure you don't miss your dream home is to:

1. Get your financing in order (we have the resources to help)
2. Pinpoint your needs with your new home

Before we get to step 2, lets take care of step 1.  Call/text me and I'll put you in touch with my lenders.  They can help.


Follow Up On Listing Campaigns:

Subject: Update From Yesterday's Facebook Post


I wanted to follow up and see if you are still interested in looking at the home from Facebook. We received your information yesterday and would love to help.

Do you have any questions about this property?

Also, are you interested in purchasing a home with low or no down payment?
If the answer is YES, we can help, just go here for a list of home buyer programs: quiz page link

Lets talk.  Call/Text me here: 222-333-4444