Free Traffic On Facebook & Craig's List

Use our landing pages with Facebook posts on your business page,
community pages, and Facebook groups with posts like:

" Still Renting In Torrance? See if you may qualify for our special Torrance Home Buyer Program. 
The program includes buyer rebates, down payment assistence, and special financing that can help. 
To learn more, simply click below and take a short quiz.

And then include a link to your quiz landing page
This will send the traffic to your page and generate leads.

This is the type of page setup to use:

The How To Guide:

Step-By-Step Guide On Using Facebook Groups For Real Estate Leads:
Click For Report On How To Use Facebook Groups

LOOK HERE >>>> Specific post & landing page to use: Click To See It

How to video on creating quiz page:

Craig's List?

Here is a how to guide on posting on CraigsList: CLICK TO SEE IT


Under "Real Estate Services" you can drop a variety of posts with your landing page.
For examples...see:

Tip: Make sure you have a Facebook pixel on any landing page or website you are posting. Why?  Because you can add every visitor to the page to your "Custom Audience" on Facebook.

Under services you can post this type of ad:

*****Improve this ad above with a better description.  Use better spacing and...

Post 3 lead capture options:
1. Your postAprop landing page
2. Phone
3. Text

You can drop a few ads on Craig's list to promote any listing but also for a content offer or
information such as "Best Homes Under $300,000 (your median)" and buyer program type offers

While Craigs list doesn't allow clickable links you can still drop in the URL (website address) of your landing page.

Another way to generate leads is to include a Text Code. 
For example, "To see if you qualify for $7500 in down payment assistance, text "18First" to 310-222-3333"

You don't even need an SMS autoresponder.  The texts would come into your phone with the term 18"First".
You would know exactly what its for.  Then just copy and paste a short note that includes the URL of your page.

This can work with a quiz page like this:

With each incoming text, send a message reply via text like this:

"We appreciate your interest in our Torrance Home Buyer Program. 
To see if you qualify simply complete the short quiz on our site here:

If you have any questions about the program, please text or call me.  Thank you, Jerry Reese, ABC Realty"

The goal of this text is to convert, Craig's list leads into qualified leads and the quiz page will help here.

Second day after getting the text, send a follow up text asking if they need help with financing, have a specific home in mind.
would like to know about down payment assistance in ______", etc.   In the follow up, mention one specific subject
or way you can help them and finish the message with a CTA (call-to-action) for the lead to call you for help.