Home Value Leads On Facebook

In March 2020, we added a new "Home Value" page setup.
We made the setup easier.
We eliminated the need for a "Thank You" page.
We added address capture first (for partial leads)
We added instant home value reports (USA only)

Here is an example: CLICK FOR HOME VALUE

Watch This Video On The Setup


We have other options for home value campaigns.
You want to use the Facebook Integrated Landing Page like this:

This captures full name & email of the lead. 
It follows the proven lead capture method of "asking for less" on your landing page.

After lead capture we can use a form to ask for property info and phone.

How to do it? 
Watch these 2 how to videos below:

Next Video Shows You How To Setup The Form

Home Value Campaign Summary

1. Create Facebook integrated landing page
2. Setup form to capture property info & phone.

Always keep in mind this....
Take the steps to build your lead database and your real estate business will THRIVE.

How to build your database?
Drive traffic to lead capture pages.  

The Home Value Landing Page Can Help.