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Facebook Image Graphics:
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Facebook Video Ad Example - Buyer Program

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Find More Resources Below - Graphics

This site is one of the best online resources. Its free too. Use it to create graphics including images Facebook ads and posts.

RPR - Realtors Property Resource

Create CMA's here. 

Also excellent content on marketing, listing presentations and more.  Its free for NAR members.

BoxBrownie - Photo Editing.

Low cost photo touch up.  Check out the site for examples of their fine work.

Resource 4 - Coming Soon

We will add more soon.

Resource 5

Another resource coming here.

Resource 6

More on the way.

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2 Short Guides

Part 1 explains setting up your first page.

Part 2 covers adding new domains and explains page setup.

The Home Value Page

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on setting up the home value page.

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