Text Autoresponder & Drip: Getting Started

First thing you need is a Twilio account.  Its free to signup. 
Then desposit $20 for your texting number and account.
$20 goes very far with Twilio.

Cost to send texts with our service via Twilio is minimal. 
No monthly fee Just pay as you send inside your Twilio account.
Sending 1000 texts will only cost you $7-8.

You do have buy a phone inside your Twilio for texting.
Buy a local number for ($1/month)

Or Toll Free number for $2/month
*Most buy the LOCAL NUMBER with a recognizable area code

Go here for Twilio Account: Click For Twilio Signup & $10 Credit

HOW TO VIDEO: Text Setup

Once you get your number, you need some info from Twilio to complete these fields:

Account SID:
Authorization Token:
Your Twilio Phone Number:
Service SID:

You get this from Twilio,

The setup is explained below in 2 steps

Step 1: Twilio Setup

This is easy and only takes 3-5 minutes.

Go here for Twilio AccountClick For Twilio Signup & $10 Credit

You need to do 3 things inside Twilio
1. Signup and upgrade your account
2. Get phone number for texting (only $1/month for a local #)
3. Get 2 codes

These screenshots will show you the way

Create an account and follow these instructions in screenshots below. 
This covers the steps:

Step 2: Buy Your Number

Step 3: Get Codes

There are 3 codes you need from Twilio.  Takes 10 seconds to get these codes

Get the "Account SID" code and "Auth Token" code (See below)

One more code needed?  The  "Phone Number SID"


You should have:


While your inside Twilio, setup Two Way Messages

Most do this...

Would you like all replies from your leads to go to your phone? 

All you have to do is copy & paste a website address inside your Twilio account.

Its easy, just follow these steps below:

Inside Twilio:

After clicking #, you will see this screen below.

On this next page, scroll down to the fields below.  There is one field to change.  That is all.

A Close Up Look At The Field To Change:

The website address to copy and paste is below

We change the URL in that field to:

Copy this website address you see above.

Just copy and paste this URL in that field in screeshot above: 

After you paste it, just click SAVE.

That is all. 
You just setup 2-way messaging with your leads.


Step 2: Text Setup

Now that you have your codes, you create an "SMS PROVIDER" inside our site. 
You only have to do this once.
Once added, you can use this with every landing page & campaign

Follow these steps. This is also easy.

Inside our website area Just click the AUTORESPONDER Icon:

Then click "SMS AUTORESPONDER" (see below)

One more link.  Click "Add Service Provider"

That brings you to this page to create what you need:

"Phone Number SID" is used for the "SERVICE SID" (seen below)

"Phone Number SID" is used for the "SERVICE SID"

After you add your information, click "Add Provider" button.

And finally...it's over.

All of the replies will be sent to the phone number you entered in the field "Forward Number"

IMPORTANT: When adding your Twilio Number And Your Cell Number
Be sure to add the number 1 before your number.

To Use SMS - Just Click AUTORESPONDER Icon For Any Page
You will find it here:

You will find it in the drop down window below:

For the field called "Welcome Message" - Enter your instant SMS messsage to all leads

You can use the link at the bottom to create DRIP sms messages.

You made it down here. 
You are awesome.  

If you need help with setup, we need this info:

Account SID:
Authorization Token:
Your Toll Free Number:
Service SID:

Include your full name, email and domain for your account.

We will set it up for you.
Send to: howtoleads@gmail.com

In Subject enter: SMS Setup