Here is an example of a quiz on a thank you page WITHOUT lead capture on the home page:

Did you go to this page and click the button? 
You see it goes directly to the thank you page.

With this type of setup, the home page highlights the offer but does NOT capture information.
Instead, the page has a button that goes directly to the thank you page.

On the thank you page we have a quiz like this:

The thank you page asks a few questions & captures lead information.
This information is added to the database.

After lead capture, where do you want the lead to go?
You don't want them going back to the thank you page for the start of the quiz, right?
With this setup, you have to tell the system where you want your lead to go.

You have to tell the system where to go by entering a URL in this field in screenshot below:

Just enter your URL (anything but the thank you page) and click the "UPDATE" button.

Many use the "Report" page here.
You can use that or any other URL (website address).

After you make this change, the system knows where to send you after the quiz is finished.