Troubleshooting Checklist

Your page isn't live? Here are the 2 common solutions if your page isn't live:

1. Domain nameservers?  If you registered the domain with another company
you have to update the nameservers for the domain.

2. Did you add the domain inside your CPANEL?  When adding a new domain you have to
click CPANEL, click ADDON DOMAIN, and then add domain here.  
See video 9 on adding domain: Click for video how to

3. Is your page white? This could be a couple of things. Did you add a template yet?  If a template was added
you will see it when you click ADVANCED EDITOR for the page. Check and see if there is a template design there.

Did you click "SITE PUBLISHER"in the CPANEL?  If you did, this will add unwanted files and your page goes white.
If this is the case then contact our support for help.

4. When I try to view my site, do you see a white page with words INDEX?
This is a very easy fix.

It means you did not add your domain or subdomain correctly.

With both Addon Domains and Subdomains the DOCUMENT ROOT must be: public_html

Editor Doesn't Open

If you click on your editor button, and it will not open, it probably means you have the Grammarly Plugin on your browser.
If you opened the editor with Grammarly on your browser it may have added unwanted code to your page and this is a problem.  In this case, you have to start over with your page.

Before you start over...make sure you disable the Grammarly plugin on our site:

How To Disable Grammarly: You have to disable Grammarly from our site at
The link below explains how to do it:


Quiz Page Keeps Going Back To Same Page?

After you finish a quiz it simply takes you back to the same page and start of the quiz?
Click Here For The Solution

For other issues check the FAQ section.

Or email our support at: