This Page Covers Drip Email & Email Blast

Each page has a built in Autoresponder. It can do 3 things:

1. Send an instant message
2. Drip email (series of emails)
3. Email blast a message to all of the leads on your list.

1. If you haven't seen the HOW TO video on setting up the autoresponder
then go to Video 8 on this page: CLICK HERE

This video will show you how to setup the instant email message.

2. Drip Email:  Send a series of emails to your new leads.

Click the button below for instructions on how to use drip email. 

3. Email Blast: Send an email to everybody on your list

Each page you create has a DATABASE where we store your
leads.  Each page segments the leads which allows you to market specific
messages to specific lead types (ie: first time buyer message to only first time buyers)

From the database of your page you can send an email message
to everybody on the list.  All you have to do is click the database
icon, then click BULK MAILER.  Here you can enter a message and send it.

When you click BULK MAILED you see this:

Improve Email Delivery With Amazon

We are intetgrated with Amazon email sending (which is simply one of the best marketing tools. Great delivery. Low cost)

Amazon has no monthly fees.  You only pay for the emails you send.
The cost?  Only $0.10 for each 1000 emails.  (Yes...10 cents!)

How To Setup Amazon?

We created a series of short videos for you. 

Another email provider is available: SparkPost - (Amazon is a better & cheaper option)

When your list grows or if you want to track opens and clicks we
suggest you use the "Mail Provider" called SparkPost.

We recommend using SparkPost for bulk email.
Our service is integrated with SparkPost and its very easy to setup.
Using SparkPost will allow you to send 100,000 emails a month with no cost and do it
with excellent delivery results and tracking ability.

Adding SparkPost is easy!
We have a short guide here on how to signup and use SparkPost

After you take a look at the guide,
join SparkPost with their free account.

Note: Joining SparkPost will only take a few moments of your time
but it offers excellent benefits.  And...its FREE!