The POWER Of A Facebook Custom Audience

This allows you to build your brand and consitently keep your business in front of more will generate more leads.

It's also a cost-effective way to convert interested prospects.

2 Definitions To Know:

1. Facebook Pixel:
A piece of code that allows you to track visitors to your landing page. With the pixel you can create a custom audience of visitors to any page. (Powerful for your marketing)

2. Custom Audience:
A "Custom Audience" is a group you can create based on a number of parameters (including visits to your landing page).  For our example here, it is a group or people who visited our landing page but did not convert into leads. 

The custom audience group is a valuable list of interested prospects.  What we do with this marketing method is place a related ad in front of everybdoy in this group.

Think of it this way....if you did NOT use this method, you are failing to take advantage of an opportunity to follow up with interested prospects.

Example Of The Importance:
Lets say you run an ad that has 500 clicks with 100 leads generated. 
That leaves 400 people who did not convert. 

Do you want to forget about these 400 prospects? 
Do you want to follow up with them?

Using the setup explained on this page allows you to follow up with the 400 prospects.

Why is this important to you?
Because it improves the ROI on your Facebook advertising!  If you are using Facebook Ads you MUST use this marketing method.

By setting using the Facebook pixel to create an audience you can CONSISTENTLY place your business in front of locals who are interested in real estate.

It's very easy to setup and manage. 
We explain how in the how to videos below.

Here is an illustration that we use in the videos.
This is a First Time Buyer Campaign but can be used with any campaign

An Explanation:

Facebook Pixel is a code you can add to your page that allows you to create an "Audience". You can setup a new ad to show to your audience.

How does this help you?
It allows you to pursue leads that did not convert.

People click on the first ad, but don't complete the lead capture process.  That is unfortunate but it isn't the end for this prospect.  There was some interest in your ad and offer, right?  Don't give up.  The Pixel allows you to pursue them with another ad. 

Gives you more opportunities with people who did not convert the first time.  And it results in a much better ROI for your overall marketing.

Follow up with a specific ad that is relevant to their initial interest. Create a custom audience for people who visited the landing page. Then setup an ad for this group. The ad should send them to a similar page. Retargeting Ad/Page: Use am ad & page offering something related to what they were interested in with the first ad but give it a different look and message. Example: different page with a similar offer.

The Video Course: Utilize The Power

Video 1:

Video 2:


Video 3:


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Video 4:

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Example of a follow up ad

Lets say...

Initial Ad: First TIme Buyer Report

The custom audience creates a group of people who clicked the initial ad but did not convert into leads.  The "Follow Up Ad" will keep your business in front of the interested prospect and, hopefully, entice them to click & convert with the 2nd ad & landing page.

The follow up ad should relate to the group.  In this case, the prospects were interested in a first time buyer report with the intial ad so we offer something like this:

*Use fhe follow up ad & make all of your Facebook ads more cost effective.

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