Facebook Lead Capture On The Home Page
Quiz On The Thank You Page

Here is the setup:

Home Page has Facebook lead capture like this: https://quiz95.prophosting.com
Thank You Page has a quiz like this: https://quiz95.prophosting.com/thankyou.html

Important Question: 
Do you have Facebook lead capture on the home page? 
If yes...continue on this page.
If you do NOT have Facebook lead capture on the home page then click here

Lead goes to home page first for lead capture.
On thank you page, we have a quiz.

Why use this setup with the quiz on the thank you page?

1. Easy lead capture with the Facebook button on the home page.
2. Use thank you page to gather more info from lead.

If you have the quiz on the thank you page the information gathered in the quiz would be
stored in your database next to the name and email captured.

See this screenshot:

To view the quiz from this lead just click the link "VIEW"

If you want to use this setup you MUST take these two steps explained below when creating the quiz:

Do you want a field for name, email, or phone on the quiz?  -  Keep in mind, with this setu your home page has Facebook lead capture
that will grab their name and email.  But some may want to ask for the name, email, and phone on your quiz. 

For example, you may want a phone field like this on the quiz:


1. If you want to add a phone, email, or name field on your thank you page quiz you must:

For the name, email and phone fields you must use the input type "text box" - See screenshot below:

Use "Text Box" and not "email", "phone", "name" - That is it.  Very easy, right?

The reason for this is the home page captured info already.   

The completed quiz on thank you page will be assigned to this date from home page lead capture.   

The final step to take?
2. Where to send lead after quiz is completed?

The quiz is normally set to send the viewer to the THANK YOU page. 
If the quiz is on the thank you page, you will want to send them to a different URL.

For example, you may want to send them to the REPORT page.  Or any other URL (website address).

Easy to do.  Use this field in screenshot below:

Set the URL on the quiz to send traffic to your report page (or any other URL). 
In the case of sending to your report page for this domain/subdomain just enter "report.html" - See below.

For an outside URL such as your agent site, Facebook page, or anything else include the entire URL such as:

More on using Quiz pages here: CLICK TO SEE IT