Page Checklist

Follow these 5 steps to setup a landing page:

    1 - Setup Your Domain Or Subdomain For Page
    2 - Choose Page Design
    3 - Edit Pages
    4 - Setup Autoresponder (Email)
    5 - Setup Autoresponder (Text)

Step 1: You Need A Domain Or Subdomain
Each landing page needs a website address. This is your domain or subdomain. In most cases, users choose subdomains. How to create a subdomain? See this video.

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Step 2: Choose Your Page Design
This process is very easy. Just choose one of the page options. 

See this video.

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Step 3: Edit Pages - 2 Videos
Your landing page has a few parts. It starts with the HOME page. You also have a THANK YOU page. With some page designs, you also use the REPORT page. See the how to video on editing the pages. 

How to edit your pages:

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How to add a quiz page:

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Video: Update Link On Button

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Video: Change Background Image

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* Optional: optimize Your Photos for website speed!
Check this page:


Step 4: Email Autoresponder
Setup your instant email message to each new lead. You can also setup a series of follow up messages that are sent over time. This is called a Drip Campaign.

See this video.

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Screenshots Of Drip Setup: CLICK

Step 5: Text Autoresponder
Do you want to send Text Messages to your new leads?
See this video. 

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Screenshots Of Text Setup: CLICK

Before You Leave This Page...
Learn how to copy your pages. This allows you to easily setup a new page for a different purpose. 


Can I copy or clone a page I built?
Yes, you can...

How To Copy A Page


You can copy a page to another domain or subdomain.

This is especially helpful with property sites & thank you pages where you have your contact information in place.
You can simply click and copy it all to another page.

To copy just click the icon under "Actions" of the
page you want to copy.

Then choose the destination page on the next step & click copy

Video: How To Copy A Page
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Additional Videos:

Video: How To Add A New Domain
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Login & Click Database Icon - See This Video
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Leads are stored under DATABASE icon
Inside Database you can click "View" link to see quiz responses

Forward Leads Via Email

EMAIL FEED: Using Email To Export Leads

Many CRMs assign an email account to you for importing your leads, If your CRM provides this, you can enter the email in the CC field to import leads.

You can find this CC field by clicking the Autoresponder icon:

Make sure you click the UPDATE button! 

More on forwarding to CRM or using Zapier: CLICK HERE


Working With Facebook


Tips & Examples Here: CLICK


Add Facebook Pixel & Meta Tags
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Video: Creating Subdomains
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Subdomains are free.  
You can place new squeeze pages & property sites on them.
An example of a subdomain is: 


***  Important Note About Subdomains ***

As seen in the video, you must create a subdomain like you see below.

Go into the CPANEL and click the button for "subdomains"
When you create it make sure the home directory looks like this:


IMPORTANT: Document Root Must Be:
"public_html" only!

Once the "Document Root" is correct click create.  Once you create the subdomain you need to add it to your account with the "MANAGE WEBSITES" link.

Want to see step-by-step instructions - here is a how to guide: CLICK HERE

Add A New Domain


Similar to adding a subdomain.

We provide hosting.  Any domain you want to use with our hosting, you have to "update the nameservers" for the domain. 

If you registered the domain with us, the nameservers are set & no updating needed.

If you registered at a site like GoDaddy, you do have to "update the nameservers". 

Here are the nameservers to use:

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

Updating nameservers is very easy.
Normally, you just login to your account at GoDaddy (or any other domain site) and you can paste the nameservers and click save.  If you need help, ask the company where you registered the domain.  They will help.

After the nameservers are updated you just follow 2 steps to add your domain:

1. Click CPANEL icon - Click "Addon Domain" and add domain here.
2. Click MANAGE WEBSITES icon and add domain.

Watch this short how to video on adding a domain:

Add New Domain
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Want to see step-by-step instructions - here is a how to guide: CLICK HERE



The "Autoresponder" sends the instant email message to each new lead.  To create your email message just do this:

1. Click the AUTORESPONDER icon
2. In popup window, scroll down & click the link you see in screenshot below:


After you click this link, just enter your
email message & click Save


Drip Email

DRIP EMAIL - A Series Of Emails To Your Leads

Click link below for details on Drip Email

A new page will open with details


Additional Videos



How To Create Additional Landing Pages
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You have 2 options to add more landing pages & sites.
1. Add new domain - Video 9 above
2. Add new subdomain - Video 12 above







If you need more help please open a support ticket
or email us at