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The Best Facebook Setup In 2020?
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1. Have a listing?
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2. Quick Facebook Ad Setup
Just want to see how to setup an ad?
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(includes the targeting changes of 2019)

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Facebook Marketing Tips, How To Material, & Videos Below:

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Complete Course: Facebook Ad Setup:
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Action Plan: 3 Facebook Campaigns Outlined
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Facebook 2019

Ad Targeting Changed in 2019.

If you're running an ad in the USA,  you must choose the "Special Ad Category" you see below.  Limits our targeting a little but NOT a big deal. 

We created a short how-to video on the ad setup with this
new "Special Ad Category": CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

We are adding a couple of new marketing campaigns here:
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The Homes List Campaign

Works in every market.
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The Buyer Lead Campaign

In this report, we show a "New Listing" campaign from one
of our users. This agent had no FB marketing experience:

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Have A Listing? 
Create a lead capture page for your listing to use on Facebook:

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Facebook & Quiz Page: Your Buyer Program
This is one of the best ways to use Facebook to generate leads.

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More Quiz Page examples? 
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To setup a quiz you should first visit here:

To setup your Buyer Program visit here:

Buyer Leads With The "No Rent" Page

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Using Content With A Facebook Ad

This example uses an article from Realtor.com

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MUST SEE: The "Just Sold" Campaign

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Facebook Action Plan Outline:

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Report On Facebook Marketing

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Facebook Marketing For Buyer Leads:

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First Time Buyer Ad Example


Click Here For Download Of Our Ad Images

But...you may want to customize your own image?

Use this free image editing site: Canva.com
Facebook suggests dimension size: 1200 x 628

But you can use dimensions: 602 x 315

You can only have 20% of text on image.  Too much text and they won't accept it.
Upload your image here to test for approval

Click To Test Image

The Facebook Emoji

You want to use these with your ad.



Example below uses the pointer and homes.

Also a good idea to use checkmarks with any list:

Emojis can be found on this site:

***Just copy them from this site. 
Paste them when typing in your ad content.

Get check mark emoji here:

Get the home emoji here:

The hand pointing emoji:

Facebook Ad - How To Videos, Ad Checklist, & Step Guide

Video 1: Overview & Ad Image

Test Ad Image Here: CLICK HERE

Video 2: Inside Facebook To Create The Ad

Facebook Ad Checklist: CLICK HERE

HOW TO GUIDE: Ad setup explained (with screenshots)

How to setup a "Just Sold" Ad with screenshots inside Facebook.
These steps work all ad types.

Click For Ad Setup Instructions

 IMPORTANT: Facebook Pixel & Custom Audience: How To Instructions

See 4 Part Video Course: CLICK HERE


This guide below explains how to create and use a "Facebook Pixel"

This allows you to setup a 2nd ad to place in front of
people who have seen your landing page.

Click below for instructions (with screenshots)

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Just Listed Or Just Sold Facebook Landing Page & Ad 

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What about seller campaigns?

Your best path to seller leads?
Run a buyer campaign with a quiz & ask...

Buyers are often sellers.

Market directly for seller leads...
Try the home value with a twist...

Home Value Leads On Facebook?

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Basic Targeting: Homeowners With Facebook Ad

Click Here - 
Targeting in this document is dated.

Things have changed on Facebook with targeting,. 

When creating your Facebook ad in the USA, you now have to
It does limit your targeting options

The solution?  Use a video ad and retargeting!!!!

A little about retargeting here:
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Facebook Ads, Graphics, & Video Examples

Facebook Ad Examples: Click Here

Facebook Image Graphics - Click Here

Here is a video to use with a Facebook Ad/post for your buyer program.

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Using Facebook Groups For Free Lead Generation
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Privacy Policy

"Privacy Policy" - Link is in place on all pages.
You can edit a needed

See example here:

This privacy is available as a template under the "Sites" icon.
You can add it to a template such as: privacy.yourdomain.com and then use it on all of your pages/sites.

How To Add Facebook Meta Tags?
You do this so an image and info populate when posting
your URL (subdomain or domain) on Facebook.

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Secret Sauce Down Here

We Are Integrated With Facebook
Lead Forms.  This Is Big!

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