Getting Started: Frequently Asked Questions


The best place to start is to check out the INTRODUCTION VIDEO & the 4 STARTER videos on this page:  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS  -  In these short videos, we walk you through setting up a complete squeeze page.

Question 2 here should be how do I get support?

We have 2 guides: Guide 1: CLICK HERE FOR GUIDE 1   Guide 2: CLICK HERE FOR GUIDE 2

These short guides explain the basics of setting up your page.

You have 2 options to create your 2nd page. 

1. Use a different domain. Add a new domain to your account & use this domain for a page.  

2. Use a subdomain.  You can easily add a new subdomain & use it for a new page.  A subdomain is an extenstion of a domain.  Examples of subdomains for pages could be,  Or for single property sites like

On our how-to video page  we have videos that explain both options. Video 9 to see how to add a new domain. See video 12, to add a new subdomain. Here is the video page: CLICK HERE


Yes. With one click you can copy any page to a new location.  For example, copy the THANK YOU page or HOME page of a page you created to a different domain or subdomain.  

See explanation on how the COPY feature works: CLICK HERE

With each design there are 4 pages in place. HOME, THANK YOU, & REPORT, and PRIVACY.

PRIVACY page is linked on the bottom of the home page. If needed, use the editor to customize this page. There is also a blank Privacy Policy page under the SITES icon.

For the content for your Privacy Policy see these examples: CLICK HERE




Landing Page: Frequently Asked Questions


Click the "ADVANCED EDITOR" button for the page you want to edit.  This will open the editor for your page.  See the how to video series on how to edit.  Video 1 & 2 explain about adding images and image size.

Click the AUTORESPONDER icon for your page.  Then click the link that says "Click to setup first email...".  A new window will popup for you to enter the email message.  This is the message that will be instantly sent to every lead.

See video 8 on our How To Video page: Click Here For Video Page

We have a page to explain setting up drip email & email blast.  See it here: CLICK FOR EMAIL TIPS

Our pages  are setup with 3 pages. The THANK YOU page is where the lead goes after subscribing to the form on you HOME PAGE.   

REPORT page is for content such as FREE REPORTS for buyers and sellers.   Some of the templates that offer reports such as the "2017 Seller Report" have content in place on this page.   Benefit of this page is its easy to edit & add your contact information inside the report.  It's also mobile optimized so it looks good on any mobile device.

This new feature makes it easier to add background images. background color. popup video, countdowns, and color overlays.  Some of the templates don't use "quick edit".  If the template you choose does use it you will see an icon present under "Quick Edit" next to the "Advanced Editor"

See video explanation of this feature here:  Click For QUICK EDIT

When you get a new lead an instant lead notification is sent to you. It is sent via email with the subject "Optin Alert". Leads are also stored under the DATABASE icon.

See a short video here that shows you where to find your leads: CLICK HERE

Help: Frequently Asked Questions


When the page isn't live its usually just a small step was missed when a subdomain or new domain is added to the account.  We created a checklist to troubleshoot.  This should give you a solution.

See troubleshooing checkist: CLICK HERE

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking website visitors.  Its very easy to add it to any page.

Copy your Google tracking code.  Click the SEO button for your page & paste the code in the field that says "Paste Code Below".  Scroll down & save.


If you need to signup for it: Click Here For Google Analytics

See video 6 for a summary of the SEO button: CLICK HERE

Some of the templates have property fields in place on the HOME page.  This is one option.

Another option is to use the QUIZ OPTION.   You can use the quiz on a home or thank you page. One approach is to use page 2 (THANK YOU PAGE) to gather additional information.  Check out the how to info on creating a quiz here: CLICK HERE

We integrated a free option to add live chat to any page, property site, or agent site.  Why do you want to use it?  Because it can create instant interaction with site visitors. 

The live chat comes with a free mobile app. If you're away from your desk it will message you and allow you to reply directly to your lead in real time.  It's a great tool to help convert website visitors into quality leads.  

Setup of live chat is very easy.  We created 2 short vides to explain: CLICK HERE 

Its the same process as adding a squeeze page.  Click the SITE icon for template options. 

We have a couple of videos on how to setup a property site & slideshow.  CLICK HERE to see the short how to videos.

We have an easy to use cover maker. You can drop your name, image, business on any custom cover.  To see it go here: CLICK
This short HOW TO guide explains it: CLICK

Agent & Property Sites: FAQ


Mobirise is an offline app for Window and Mac to easily create small/medium websites, landing pages, online resumes and portfolios, promo sites for apps, events, services and products.

See it here: CLICK HERE

Adding an agent website (or property site) is the same process as creating a squeeze page.  There are some additional features for the agent websites including a FREE IDX Search option.

We have a series of short videos: CLICK FOR AGENT WEBSITE VIDEOS

If you're in the USA, we have a free IDX search option that you can easily add to your Agent Site. See details & how to videos here: CLICK

 If you already have a property search on another site, you can also link that just like you would any URL.  This is also explained on the page linked above.

There are a couple of options.  You can use the NEW PAGE button to add new pages to your agent site and use this as a blog.   You can also install WordPress and link it to your agent site. 


Its the same process as adding a squeeze page.  Choose a domain or subdomain for your property site and then click the SITE icon for template options. 


We have a couple of videos on how to setup a property site & slideshow. CLICK HERE to see the short how to videos.

We have a great looking full screen slideshow. Create an example property site with the slideshow and use it as a marketing tool to potential sellers.  Use it on listing presentation, listing packages, on your website and blog.


Here is an example of a slideshow:

See videos here on how to create: CLICK FOR VIDEO

Marketing Tips: FAQ


Yes we do.  Check out this page for examples on marketing.

See it here: CLICK HERE

At a minimum, you should post the URL (web address) of your squeeze pages on your Facebook page and it regular posts on your page.  

They also work great with Facebook Ads.  The formula is really simple.  Create highly targeted ads and match the message of the ad with the message on your squeeze page.  Match the page message with the ad message and it will convert for you.

Check out our Facebook Marketing page for more: CLICK HERE


Yes we do.  Retargeting can be especially effective with a good squeeze page.

Visit this page to learn more: CLICK 

Squeeze pages will make any, and all, of your marketing more effective.  The key is to create highly targeted squeeze pages that offer value to the viewer.  If you do this, the traffic you send to the page will convert.  

Check out this page for examples of marketing your squeeze pages: CLICK TO SEE IT

We may have an option for you. Email us at and lets talk.

5 More (Important) Questions Answered:

1. How to add Secure (https) to new domain/subdomain?
Instructions here: CLICK

2. How to create a quiz page? 
Instructions here: CLICK

3. How to install a Wordpress Blog?
Instructions here: CLICK

4. Setup Text Autoresponder & Drip
Instructions here: CLICK

5. For Background Images & Slideshows?
Resize your images.  Its easy. See this : CLICK


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